Monday, April 23, 2007


Too many Christians are strangers to God’s presence and because they are unaware of the benefits of daily pursuing God’s presence, they live on in life without a care. Sadly, the practice of daily cultivating the presence of God is one that is taken lightly. We need to challenge and change this mindset as we enter into this new week. It is very important that we to renew our walk with God on a daily basis, and take a review of how we are getting along with God at the end of each week. This is what Christian fathers and mystics of old called ‘examen’. And when we take God’s presence seriously, we never would let anything take away the time we’d allotted to God for intimate communion with him.

Many wake up on Monday mornings with a hiss; “oh, here again is another week of stress and work”. After stretching and wiping their faces of the evidence of dried secretions from their mouths and eyes, they head straight to the bathroom to shower, groom themselves and get ready for work. For the ‘quiet time’ conscious ones, they hurriedly mutter a few lines of memorized prayers, and then read a portion from their daily devotional laced with a few Bible verses. But for many others who have been subsumed by the hustle and bustle of 9-5 jobs, they hit the streets without a care. Afterall, they had been to Sunday service the previous day, and had received enough ‘anointing’ to carry them through out the week before they get a refill the next Sunday. Church is seen as a gas station where they get a dose of anointing at no cost, and might give an offering in ‘gratitude’ to God >>>>>>>click to read more


Dwacon said...

This is a great message. We need to have this posted at the Powerhouse!

BarBarA said...

Wow, I needed this reminder. I love your blog! I'd like to link you on my blog called "Prodigal Daughter" let me know if that's ok.

You two are both gorgeous - especially you Lola! I clicked on the photo in your profile to make it bigger and thought "What a totally cute couple!!"

Kenneth said...

Great! I need something to inspire me and to know how I should connect to God.

More power and may He bless you always.