Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gaining Periscopic Perspectives in this Season

I recently travelled from Abuja to Lagos (in Nigeria) on an official assignment. I was exceedingly glad that what I went for was done in less time that I had even expected. So I had to get back to Abuja the following day. Even though I dreaded the thought of having to spend an extra time in Lagos because of the ever-present tension in the lifestyle of Lagosians, yet I wished I could stay a little longer just to enjoy the company of my younger brother who lived there. I spent the night in his place, and he dropped me off the next day at the airport with his car. I boarded my flight, and as the aircraft took off, I relaxed and looked through the window. Then I had an experience that I had never really taken note of before, which inspired me to write this note. 

As the gradual ascent up the sky began, causing the earth and the immediate landscape to diminish to the appearance of mere microscopic organisms. Not as if they no longer existed – in existence they were, yet almost of no significance. All of the huge buildings and enormous human activity I left behind appeared as specks of dust far down below. Then I was filled with a sudden realization of the wonders and blessings in viewing things from a higher perspective. I thought of moments earlier, how the buildings around seemed so large in appearance, and the long distance we had to cover before getting to the airport - increased further by the usual crawling traffic of cars on Lagos roads. I thought of the huge sizes of the various aircrafts I had seen as they lay in wait for their passengers and their departure timings. 

As I continued to look through the window, I saw the vast expanse of clouds suspended in the atmosphere, having the appearance of the boundless blue oceans, causing the earth below to disappear. It was glorious. At that moment, I ceased to think of every difficulty I was facing in life – I left them beneath those clouds. All I could think of was the glory and the splendour of God Almighty. Suddenly a verse of Scripture (John 4:35) crept into my thought, where Jesus asked His disciples to lift up their eyes and see that the fields are ready for harvest, when it wasn’t even time for the harvest according to natural timing. Then I reckoned the blessing in seeing life from a higher perspective. 

Now, I believe that having a higher perspective is a grace which God gives His people to overcome the mountains of life. The obstacles of life are easily overcome when viewed from a higher perspective. Duration of trials in life is seemingly shortened by gaining a higher understanding. I believe that an elevated perspective is gained from an intimate relationship with God through His Word (Isaiah 55:9). 

The challenge for you and me today as children of God is to set our sights a little higher (John 4:35). We must realize that there are truths beyond what we can see in the natural. We must begin to walk by faith not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7) until what we consider as reality becomes only an illusion, and what we are able to see by faith becomes reality (Hebrews 11:3, Romans 4:17b). 

I believe that God is challenging His children to break free from the deception of the natural, and to go beyond the philosophies of planet Earth (Matthew 19:26, Matthew 24:35). It must become necessary for us to be defined by who God says we are, and to do what God says we can do. Do not be moved by the fears from the natural environment or even the various global crises occurring in our time, for God is fully aware and has promised to always keep his children safe in his care (Psalm 91, Isaiah 43:2). I sense that God is saying that now is time for a great harvest, but you need to lift up your eyes to Him in order to see it (Psalm 121)! 

As I conclude this note, I’d like you to check out an interesting story in John 2:1-10 about one of the first miracles of Jesus. Notice that even though Jesus said that it’s not yet time, but He still did the miracle. His mother, Mary did something that seemed out of timing, yet the Lord moved on her behalf. Be encouraged as you step into the coming year, believe God and operate in a new dimension with Him. You may think it’s not yet time for your salvation or healing. People may say that it’s not yet time for you to get that dream of yours. They may say that it’s not yet time for you to get married, or that you are getting too old to have a child. They may even say that you are not qualified for that job you are seeking or applying for. People may say whatever they feel or think about you, but God is saying today lift up your eyes and see everything from My (God’s) own perspective and you will be blessed in so doing. Merry Christmas.