Sunday, March 25, 2007

Passionate Prayers or Money Palaver? (Just a Joke)

This happened in a certain church in Nigeria:

One Sunday morning, everybody in the church was
praying as usual. Telling God his or her own problems.

At one end was a young girl, who was very agitated,
Shouting and praying that God should help her with two
thousand naira. That's all she needed.

At the same time, one desperate looking man at the
back of the church was quietly asking God to help him
with with fifty million naira.

The young girl was getting louder and more persistent
with her request. Shouting, jumping and begging that
God should please help her with two thousand naira.

The desperate man at the back then went up to her and
asked "ah ah, is it only you that God will hear today?

Girl what's your problem now?"
The girl replied that she needed two thousand naira
The man hissed loudly, took two thousand naira from
his pocket and said "I beg you, take this and be quiet so
that God can concentrate on my problem!!!"



haa haa good joke, One person wrote god for $ 200 to solve his problem, the people at Post office ffelt pity and the colleced $ 180 and sent it to the person. The person again wrote to god saying that people at post office are theif. You send $ 200 and I revceived $ 180 bal misappropricated by persons at post office

funmi said...

lol. that is what true worship should be about. helping each other out and building strong good societies than honor God. l am disillutioned with religion as practized in Nigeria but l am firm in my belief in God and his universal laws and love. l like the blog and you clean loving nature shines through. well done.

funmi said...

Dont shoot, l mean that honor God, not than honor God (-:

House of Virtue said...

Thanks Funmi, for dropping by, & for those compliments...God bless you!