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Could God use you in Internet Evangelism? - By Rusty Wright

Could God use you to reach people for Christ via the Internet? The answer may surprise you!

I’m no techie!
“How could I ever use the Internet to reach people for Christ?” you might wonder. “I’m no techie. I know how to send email and read the news online, but that’s about it.”

I can identify with that. My technical knowledge is limited. For many years, I was even hesitant to use an ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) at the bank, for fear I would do something stupid and it would swallow my card.

Gradually, I overcame my technophobia and began to use computers for word processing. But I used somewhat primitive setups. Only in 1998 did I switch from the rather archaic DOS operating system to Windows because a friend said I should “get with the 90s before the 90s are over!”

What are your talents?
We all have talents and abilities. A key to usefulness is making our talents available to God. Your talents may be in building friendships, engaging in conversations, answering questions, inspiring people, or telling stories. God certainly can use those. Here’s a story that may encourage you.

My own interests involve communication, especially relating Christ to secular audiences. Over the years, I’ve written numerous evangelistic articles to help reach nonbelievers. Several years ago, a couple of friends involved in Internet ministry, Keith Seabourn and Allan Beeber, asked me to send them all my articles so they could put them “online.”

I didn’t understand all that meant, but they said it would make the articles available free to people around the globe. That seemed like a good thing.

Keith’s website, “Leadership University,” aimed to collect thousands of articles supporting the validity of Christian faith. Allan’s “Evangelism Toolbox” became an online “Yellow Pages” (directory) of evangelism resources. They helped introduce me to Internet outreach.

Are you ready for the digital revolution?
At a convention in Amsterdam a few years ago, I saw a brochure that said, “The Great Commission is Going Digital; Are You Ready?” That piqued my interest. Maybe God wanted me to focus my energies on Internet Evangelism.

The brochure spoke of the then-fledgling Internet Evangelism Coalition. I started to hang out with these folks – wonderful people – and to learn from them. I began to write more for the web and various articles appeared online.

Another friend encouraged me to do a Google search on my name. I was amazed to see page after page of my articles on websites that I had never heard of!

I also discovered a number of other “Rusty Wrights,” including …

  • a platform tennis player
  • a university professor
  • a football coach
  • a singer
  • a rodeo cowboy
  • a racecar driver
  • a cruise ship captain
  • a convict

The simplicity and pervasive nature of the Internet was allowing people to find and use these articles in ways I had never imagined. I could sit with my laptop in my office, on an airplane, or in a hotel room and compose an article that would tactfully nudge people toward Christ or biblical principles. Then, by pushing a button, I could send it to Internet publishers who would make it available to people around the globe.

This seemed almost too good to be true. What a potential for spreading Good News!

A simple prayer
In August 2003, while jogging one morning, I felt impressed to pray that within a year, I would be aware of 100 websites that had used my articles. (At the time, I was aware of 43.) There wasn’t an audible “voice from heaven” or handwriting on the sidewalk; just a strong inner impression that I should pray this.

A year later, I learned of the 100th site that had used this material. Some sites published the articles and others linked to them. The articles appeared in several languages: English, Spanish, Albanian, Croatian, Hungarian, Italian, and Polish. People just kept translating and posting them. It seemed beyond my control or ability. God gets the glory for this.

A surprising number of the sites were not Christian. For instance, one site linked to a version of the article “Elvis Has Left the Building,” which traces fascination with Elvis Presley and its spiritual implications. An Argentine medical school website published a translation of “One Minute After Death,” about near-death experiences.

Some secular newspaper sites ran material. Personal websites and “blogs” (web logs) linked to articles. I did not contact all these websites, asking them to use my articles. Many content managers simply found the articles on the web and used them.

God’s sense of humor
I even found one article link on a porn site.

I should clarify. The evangelistic article is entitled, “Dynamic Sex: Unlocking the Secret to Love.” It presents a biblical perspective on sex and love but is written to grab and hold the attention of non-Christians. And no, I did not discover this link by surfing porn sites! I typed the article title into Google. I do pray that many websurfers who go to that site looking for pornography will find Jesus. God has a sense of humor!

Again, God gets all the glory for this. If you have interest, many of these seeker- and skeptic-friendly articles are at

What can you do?
Internet evangelism offers you a dazzling array of possibilities to communicate Christ. Writing articles is just one method. You may want to interact with unbelievers in a chat room, correspond via email, communicate on a blog, design your own website, pray for and/or support web outreach financially.

You can also encourage your church or Christian group to participate in ‘Internet Evangelism Day’. This international focus day program is designed to help Christians learn more about the potential of the Web for outreach. The IE Day site explains how to create a short focus program to include in church services or other activities.

The important thing is to ask God what He would have you do. As Mary told the servants in John 2:5, “Whatever He [Jesus] says to you, do it.”

Ask God to enlarge your borders. He did it for Jabez (1 Chronicles 4:10). Maybe He wants to do it for you. I hope he does.

Rusty Wright is an author, syndicated columnist and university lecturer with who has spoken on six continents. He holds Bachelor of Science (psychology) and Master of Theology degrees from Duke and Oxford Universities, respectively.

Click here (Blogging Basic Lessons) to get some basic tips on how you can start your own blog now!

Copyright © Rusty Wright 2004. Permission granted to use this article. All rights reserved.


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wow...what a great posting! I just came by for the party. The name of your blog is perfect. God Bless You!

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Welcome to the blog party, nice to meet you, you have a nice blog, thank you for being so bold, the world needs more people like you.

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god bless. excellent post.

Fredric said...

also, be sure to check out the site. thanks!

Liza's Eyeview said...

I read about the IE a couple weeks ago and found it interesting. I'm very excited about it because I am relatively new at blogging yet God is using it to reach out to others...even non-believers. Thanks for this post :)

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Here for the party! I was attracted to your blog's name! A nice choice. I love the cartoon-- Lol! Blessings 'n prayers. e-Mom

Vic Grace said...

Great site. I have been trying to do internet evangelism for about six years now. First writing a site based on the Alpha material and also a site with some Christian studies but after contact IEday decided to go to blogs and use my blog as a bridge as they suggest. In fact a few months ago they featured it as a good example of the gentle approach to internet evangelism. However I am not aware if I have influenced anyone for Christ but hopefully have sowed a few seeds. I have at times thought to close it down as it seems to draw mostly Christians but I do have a few non christians come by, so even if it for one it is still worth it isn't it. Please feel free to leave a comment.