Monday, August 3, 2009

You and I can change the World! (Truth and Reason) - By Dr. Tunde Bakare

Main Text: Psalm 33:6-27

While we examine the truth along this subject, we shall also reason because God Himself wants us to reason together. Part of our package according to the scriptures is that we are trouble makers; trouble is part of our calling. The truth that is about to be pronounced will consume every error both in the polity and the clergy because when the arrow of truth is shot, it leaves no traces of falsehood after it.

You and I can change the world if we will accept responsibility. In Acts of the Apostles 17:6 , the Jews identified Paul and Silas as the people who had turned the world upside down; but the real definition of turning the world upside down is found in Acts 16:20 and 21 - teaching customs that are contrary to the traditions of men and confronting every spirit of divination with the truth. Actual trouble comes when the men affected by the truth know the powers that be. For instance, the owners of the girl from whom the spirit of divination was cast out by the Apostles were highly connected to the powers that be in the society and so they could arrange for the arrest of those they considered as causing trouble in the city. However, those who hate the prophetic truth are sending invitation to trouble and will be bound by error forever in the name of keeping the people in bondage. There is yet another connection of trouble outside that of magistrate, soldiers and jailors, it is that relating to the king. In 1 kings 18:17-19, the king of Israel accused Elijah as the one troubling Israel. Now, Elijah anointed Elisha with double portion of his anointing and Elisha in turn anointed the one of the sons of the prophets and one of these nameless sons of the prophets will anoint Jehu and Jehu drives furiously and will instigate those men who have been serving at the table of Jezebel against Jezebel to throw her down. In a nutshell, trouble starts by preaching the truth, it continues by casting out the spirits of divination that pose as the spirit of revelation.

George Bernard Shaw said that, 'the reasonable man adapts himself to the world, the unreasonable man attempts to adapt the world to himself; therefore, all progress among human beings and humanity depends on the unreasonable man'. The reasonable man, in adapting himself to the world, pioneers user-friendly churches, seeker sensitive churches, convenience stuffs and MacDonald franchising with multitudes with no impact. Until the world begins to call you MAD (Movement Against the Devil), you have not started making impact. So we shall examine the lifestyles of these two unreasonable men - Paul and Silas, who went from trouble to trouble until Paul was labeled "mad" in the courts of the King. To make impact, you have to become unreasonable to men because the mind of Christ is contrary to the mind of man. It will take a mad man to tell you to borrow when you are in debt, before you can prosper. Acts of the Apostles 26:18illustrates the power that changed the world. The power that makes people's eyes to be opened to the truth, when they are turned from darkness unto light, when they are delivered from the power of satan to the power of God; one by one that same power working through you will change the world.
However, for us to change the world we have to gain understanding and knowledge of the faith we have. That God who has promised is able to perform what He has said and your believe system will function properly. For King David, he needed fifty thousand men to change the world, to turn the kingdom of Saul to the kingdom of David - 1 Chronicles 12:33. For Elijah, he had to be reminded of seven thousand others who had not bowed down to Baal. For Gideon, God had to reduce his army to three hundred men that lapped water and on the day of Pentecost, there were one hundred and twenty men that brought the power of God down. In Genesis 18:32, God required ten men to spare the city of Sodom and Gomorrah. For Daniel in Babylon, there were only four of them to raise the standard of Jehovah. How many do we need since Jesus Christ came? Matthew 18:19 and 20, Jesus declared that if two agree has touching anything on earth, our Father in heaven will give it to us. God only requires two men in agreement, not bound by ethnic or religious differences to change the landscape.The two God needs to change the world are You and I, who have grace poured into our lives; You and I who are unreasonable enough to establish a movement against the devil; You and I with the power of God to shake darkness out of our land; You and I waiting for His Kingdom to come and His power to manifest in our day; You and I totally yielded to God and saying, "God use me for your glory, for it is for a time like this that you brought me into the Kingdom". God requires unreasonable men to adapt the whole world to themselves; unreasonable men in the sight of the world but speaking the words of truth and reason.

Finally, in this calling to make a difference in your generation, always remember that God has chosen the foolish and weak things of this world to put to shame the wise and the mighty. It does not matter what name you are called, it is the call on your life that is being challenged. Your background is not what matters but your foreground and what you are called to do.

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