Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ever wanting not to stop...

In the inner most recess of my soul,
I peceive You once again in a fresh encounter;
The utmost joy of my soul is in You,
That takes away all my pain and fears
And then I shall begin to sing once more a joyful song
Because You give a sweet melody to my heart
I shall shout and rejoice with a loud voice.

In the morning time when I wake up
You are the bright sunshine that refreshes my spirit;
Now I'm drown deep in the river of Your love
Oh my King, how my heart overflows with Your river of joy;
Flowing with grace and mercy
As You overwhelm me with an out pouring of Your Spirit.
Even in my darkest moments,
I shall praise You and never want to stop.

Twilight becomes so beautiful
When the sun is setting and the moon begins to glow,
And that is Your awesome glory in full splendor
Yes I adore You;
And then I feel that my heart might more than beat
Just to praise Your majesty.

And as the stars start to twinkle in the night sky
Each of those beautiful twinkles speaks,
Of Your glorious presence in all Your creation.
It makes me want to raise my voice
And praise Your holy name
And I'll never want to stop
'Til even the police come knocking at my door.


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