Monday, May 14, 2007

East or West, Home is the Best!

Sincere apologies to you, our beloved readers for not not keeping this blog fresh in the last few weeks. Its not as if we've become tired of blogging or reading our favourite blogs, but we've been so busy rounding off our stay in India, making the necessary preparations for getting back home to Nigeria at the end of this week.

And so part of our leaving routine has included a whole lot of bye byes and all the rest kind of "we'll miss yous" from so many friends we've made while in India (Indians as well as other foreigners we met in India). It's been such a wonderful blessing to us meeting all these friends, we'll miss them too. However, we really look forward to getting back home to Nigeria, as the saying goes, "east or west, home is the best."

In the next few weeks some of the posts on this blog may slightly include reminiscences of our many experiences while in India, and infact we are creating a blog named 'From India with Love,' were we'll be sharing our stories in photos.

Click here to visit 'From India with Love' right now. Stay blessed!

Uche & Lola

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Marie said...

HI there. Thanks so much for adding me as your friend on blog log. I am very technoligically challenged and so I am not that good at doing links and things, but I do like what I see here on your blog. I am going to add you to my links on my own journal! God Bless you both!